To develop new adaptive algorithms for adaptive feedback cancellation. New approaches by using sparse adaptive algorithms, the division-less and multiplierless Dichotomous Coordinate Descent (DCD) method, Gauss-Seidel (GS)method, integrating ANC algorithms and considering innovative hypothesis of widely linear perspective are proposed. The DCD based methods or combinations of AP/proportionate AP/RLS algorithms and their widely linear versions haven´t been applied yet for the hearing aid application.


To develop new algorithms for noise canceling. A new approach an integration of noise canceling with AFC algorithms considering the widely linear perspective is proposed. Also, a combination of AFC and PI´s designed ANC algorithms will be investigated. An investigation of using a different structure than the filtered-x structure for ANC integrated with AFC hasn´t been studied yet.


The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Information Technology, Valahia University of Targoviste, has relevant infrastructure for this project. There are the following research facilities: 4 x workstation, 1 x Virtex 5 Open Sparc, 3 x Genesys FPGA Virtex 5, 2 x FPGA Altys Spartan 6, 1 x FPGA Nexys 3, 1 x SoNoScout NVH Binaural recording and analysis system 653A, 1 x Level Meter 2250L, Analog Devices Development Boards - Blackfin BF533, BF561, B527, BF548, SHARC ADZS 21369, Software packages (Visual DSP server, Matlab, Labview licenses).

project Updates

  • ICACCI 2016

    by: Jaipur | September 21 - 24, 2016

    Fifth International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics

  • EUSIPCO 2016

    by: Budapest | 29 august - 3 september 2016

    The 24th European Signal Processing Conference

  • IWSSIP 2016

    by: Bratislava | May 23 - 25, 2016

    The 23rd International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing

This work was supported by CNCS-UEFISCDI, PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0097 project